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Cultivating communities through Capoeira since 1991.
- Mestre Marisa -


What is Capoeira?

Capoeira is an art form that originated in Brazil in the 16th century. This unique martial art combines elements of fight, dance, acrobatics, rhythm, music and philosophy. Developed by African slaves, it served as a form of cultural expression and self defense in opposition to the institution of slavery.

The game of Capoeira is played between two people inside a circle called the “roda.” It is through the linking of movements, a flowing, rhythmic and dynamic conversation is formed. The spirit and energy of a Capoeira Roda is contagious. It truly is something that needs to be experienced to really understand! Click here to see it in action!

What distinguishes Capoeira from other martial arts is the presence of music. Practitioners not only learn how to fight and play the game, but also to play the typical instruments and to sing - in Portuguese! 

There are countless benefits to Capoeira. The practice is not only physical, but also mental and spiritual. Students who train regularly increase their coordination, strength, flexibility, discipline, and agility. On a mental level, Capoeira teaches confidence, compassion, tolerance, and self-respect. On a deeper level, one becomes part of a supported community, a family.




Kids Class!

Have your child experience something new! Capoeira will expose them to music, movement, discipline, language, community and much more!

Our Kids session runs year round. Ages 3 + up. Visit our classes page for more information.