What should I wear?

We recommend wearing any loose and comfortable clothing suitable for a wide range of motion (think gym clothing or yoga gear). As you progress, we have uniforms available for purchase, as well as training gear.

What shoes do I wear?

Some people prefer to play Capoeira barefoot while others wear shoes. If you train capoeira barefoot your feet will need to grow accustomed to the movements and build up the calluses on your feet. If you wear shoes it is best to wear indoor athletic shoes that are only intended for indoor training. The more flexible the soles are, the better.

What else should I bring?

An open mind and positive attitude! Oh, and bring a water bottle.

What should I expect?

Classes differ from time to time, but classes usually begin with a warm-up and light stretching. Students will practice capoeira movements individually and in sequences with partners. Conditioning is based on capoeira movements. Classes will also include instruction in Portuguese language and learning / practicing the instruments, and music (this includes singing). But most importantly, expect to have a lot of fun!

What if I am not flexible or not in the best physical condition?

This is ok! Don’t let this discourage you. Capoeira is for everyone! Capoeira moves at your pace. Your instructor will ask you to push yourself, but health and safety are always our main concern. We work with you to avoid injury while gaining strength, flexibility, and control, as we adjust each movement to the abilities of your body. We do recommend some sort of cross training, Yoga is a wonderful compliment, as Capoeira requires a great deal of flexibility.

But, I have never taken any type of martial art before…

Once again, this is ok! Capoeira does not require you to have prior experience.

Can I just show up? Do I need to register online?

You can just show up. You can also register online, which means pre-paying for classes. We offer a few different class payment methods.